Gupta Values Endowed Scholarship

The Northern Virginia Community College Educational Foundation and the Student Financial Aid Office are pleased to announce the availability of the Gupta Values Endowed Scholarship. The philanthropy of Margaret and Shashikant Gupta focuses on leadership, values and social justice. Successful candidates will have demonstrated in their lives a commitment to one or more of the Core Values of integrity, excellence, and human dignity. This scholarship is renewable for up to two additional years of study. The goal of this scholarship is to promote a life-long commitment to the values of integrity, human dignity and excellence among youth attending NOVA via a scholarship and ongoing engagement with the donor representatives during the students’ academic tenure at NOVA. Please note: Scholarship recipients are expected to attend both an on-campus annual dinner and a weekend leadership retreat in the Washington DC area with the Guptas.

Scholarship finalists will move on to a second round with a remote panel interview. Participation in this interview is required.
Students on F-1 visas are not eligible for this scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide a personal statement that describes an experience in your life where one or more of your Core Values (integrity, human dignity, excellence) was challenged and how you responded to this challenge. (250 word limit)
  2. Please write an essay including any extracurricular and/or leadership activities that you have participated in, honors and awards received, community service, employement or internship experiences that you'd like the scholarship committee to know about. (250 word limit)
  3. Have you submitted your nomination letter, recommendation letter or the information of the instructor/professor that will complete the online recommendation?
  4. Applicants are asked to provide one letter of recommendation from an instructor/professor. If you were nominated for a scholarship, the nomination can be considered your letter of recommendation. Please provide a copy of your nomination or recommendation letter.
  5. If you want your instructor/professor to be sent a link to provide an online recommendation, please provide their name and email address. Request #1