Gupta Values Scholarship

The Loudoun Campus is piloting the Gupta Values Scholarship Program for Spring 2019

Eight $2,000 scholarships ($1000 each long semester) will be awarded to students by the Gupta Family Foundation

Students must be nominated by NOVA faculty or staff; nomination criteria include:
Nominees must be in good academic standing and full-time for the Spring 2019 term.
Nominees must have demonstrated a commitment to one of the Gupta’s Core Values of integrity, human dignity, and excellence.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Were you nominated for the Gupta Values Scholarship?
  2. Additional Essay Questions
    • Provide a personal statement that describes an experience in your life where one or more of your Core Values (integrity, human dignity, excellence) was challenged and how you responded to this challenge. (250 word limit)
    • What Core Value(s) have you exemplified in the past and what do those values mean to you? (150 word limit)
  3. Please provide one letter of recommendation from instructor/professor (specify the name of the scholarship).