Gerry Bertier Scholarship

The Gerry Bertier Scholarship is awarded based on merit to a City of Alexandria resident with a disability or to a student with a disability attending a school located in the City of Alexandria who is seeking post-secondary education. The scholarship was established in honor of, and to recognize, the accomplishments of Gerry Bertier, a T.C. Williams High School graduate, who became severely disabled after he co-captained the Titans in their fabled 1971 football season. After being injured in an automobile accident that left him with a mobility impairment, he devoted his life to the service of persons with disabilities and became a strong advocate for disability rights. He went on to receive many gold medals in national and international athletic competitions and in 1981 he received the National Volunteer of the Year Award given by the President’s Committee on Employment of the Handicapped.

1. The applicant must be:
a. A person with a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability who is pursuing post-secondary education and
b. A resident of the City of Alexandria or a student at a school located in the City of Alexandria.

2. The award will be:
a. Up to $1,000 per recipient per year.
b. Available for tuition, room, board, supplies, or fees.
c. Payable to the post-secondary institution.
d. Usable over the length of the recipient’s post-secondary educational career. e. Non-transferable.
f. Forfeited to the extent that the funds are not used prior to completion or termination of the recipient’s post-secondary educational career.

3. The recipient shall:
a. Attend the ACPD Awards Ceremony to receive the scholarship or shall be represented at the Awards Ceremony by an alternate.
b. Provide feedback to the ACPD on the process for applying for the scholarship and the collection of the proceeds of the award.

4. Each application will be reviewed for the following criteria:
a. Academic and extracurricular achievement.
b. Plans to give back to the community.
c. References.
d. Financial need.
e. Previous Bertier Scholarship awards.

The awards will be presented at a reception on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. in the Vola Lawson Lobby at City Hall.*

Questions about the scholarship and completed applications should be directed to Miranda Branch at You can also mail the application to Miranda Branch, Office of Human Rights, 421 King Street, Suite 400, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314.